Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gotta' Start Somewhere

Well guys here it is my first attempt at blogging.  I really have no idea what to expect or exactly where to go with this, but I've always wanted to start a blog so here it goes.  I think it's neat to have some kind of account of your life written down so you can go back years later and look at it and reminisce.  Or maybe some of my experiences can help, inspire, educate, touch, or just entertain others, I hope that my words can help a few of you along these lines.

After tonight I am one step closer to checking off another item from my bucket-list (publishing a book).  It also adds to a second (honoring my loved ones), which is one that will never be completed but will be continually added too.

I am now in the process of publishing my own book.  The book was originally an artistic book that I created for a art class in my final semester of college(I will eventually post some pictures of my original artistic copy in a future post).   I created the book not only to honor my grandfather who passed away in April; but to honor his wife (my grandmother) who survives him, my family, my friends, and every other person who has been humbled by time.

My book is called One Generation.... To the Next!  My grandmother and I both write poetry so I thought it would be neat to take some of here poems and pair them with some of mine of similar subjects in a concept book.  The concept of the book was "time."  Time is a very important subject to me, most of my poems to this point involve different elements of time.  I'm not going to sugar coat it and avoid that fact the passing of time in the long run can be a sad subject.  But the point of my book isn't to get all blubbery and teary eyed over.  I wanted to remind everyone to cherish time and reflect on the positives of time passing us by.  Dwelling on passed or lost time only wastes more time, so it is important that you only used time to experience new things and celebrate those memorable moments from the past.

When I finish the book I'll put information up here for you to purchase a copy if you would like. I leave you for the day with a poem that will be in the book.  This poem was written prior to my grandfathers passing but I found it appropriate and it was displayed at his showing and a copy was burried with him along with a poem written buy my grandmother many years ago.

What have you to say?

When that day arrives,
with your demise,
what have you to say?

"I love you dear,
don't shed a tear,
for it will be okay,

you must be strong,
and carry on,
I have to go away,

we will meet once more,
like the days of yore,
but amid this life gay."

To your children who mourn,
to whom love you've sworn,
what can you profess?

"I love you so,
though death doth blow,
you mustn't take distress,

for part of me,
is part of thee,
and that you can caress,

you must go fore,
and your life adore,
from this you can't digress."

Was your life fulfilled,
or left un-tilled,
what have you to say?

"A life proofread,
would look better instead,
though to my dismay.

The things I've done,
I'd trade for none,
for if I'd changed my way,

this family of mine,
would not be thine,
and to that I shout a nay."

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