Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Still no job, didn't even get a call back.  It appears that most of the jobs that hire younger people or recent graduates are being filled by older people assuming that they need the jobs more then the younger kids.  Don't get me wrong because I don't need the job that bad, but I know there are other younger people who really need it but are not being looked at because the older people are being looked at because they have more "experience."  Yes experience does go so far, but so do fresh faces, new ideas, new point of views, and younger mindsets.  Especially in these times when we are trying to change and reshape the way the country works.  Why do we continue looking to the older people who are part of the forming generations of how we got this way.  I'm in no way putting done the older generations, I respect them and have learned a lot from them, but would it hurt to let some younger new mindsets into this career world to help boost and stimulate the job market. 

Enough ranting, My poetry book is almost done and ready to print I'll post a link to be able to look at it and/or purchase it once I get it.  I'm not exact on the price but its going to be between 5 and 7 dollars.  I also have started putting together a story not sure how long its going to be (short story or longer) all in prose form.  So we'll see how that turns out.

Not looking forward to next weeks menu.  I love Thanksgiving because of the family interaction, the feeling, the smells, the games, football, and all that good stuff.  But despite liking the smells I hate the food.  This year I have to eat that food x3 this year.  Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday; Turkey, Turkey, Turkey and all that other crap except for the mashed potatoes that are good.  So most likely on Thursday since it's at my house I'll be making something different for myself.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Bored

It's frigging cold out, I want to play football but I can't find enough people to play.

So I just turned in three applications today one to Guess, one to Under Armor, and one to Columbia.  So we will see how that goes.  Under Armor might be promising they said that Monday we will set up an interview and the manager was happy that I could work whenever and that I lived close so.......  I may have a job next week "sweet"

I started putting Christmas music on my computer to put on my phone so I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit already.  Plus it snowed on the other side of the state yesterday, crazy I know, but I'm ready hopefully I can ski at least like four times this year. I know I'm thinking way ahead and I shouldn't so I'll stop right now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

 25th anniversary shirts that I developed with the help of a graphic designer.
Charcoal - My character for most of the year on Fridays and Saturdays.  Three hours of makeup, but well worth it. 

This and that

Well I planned on blogging after Halloween but I got a little side tracked and never got on.  Tomorrow will be the first Friday in a month that I wont be sitting through over three hours of makeup to get ready for the haunted house.   I don't know if I'll know what to do with myself during those three hours.  Anyways it was a really good season at the Haunted House this year.  We beat last years total by approximately $5,000 which is really good considering we've been dropping in totals since the 2005 season which was the biggest earning year ever.  All together we have about $40,000 dollars this year and we will end up giving the majority of it away to people who have given us grants.  This being the 25th year they announced how much the house has given away at half time of the local schools football game.  As of last year we have given just over half a million dollars back to the community for things like; the school, boy scouts, library, museum, needy families, sports programs, drama club, band, the city, and numerous other projects.  But overall this year was really good, got lots of scares, lots of complements, put up with a few assholes, and entertained a whole bunch of people.   It's almost time to start getting ready for tear down and construction for next year.  Let's hope that next year goes as smooth and is as productive as this year if not more.

I'm still trekking through the forest of businesses stalking and hunting that elusive and rare job opportunity.  I've applied at a few places and still haven't heard anything back yet.  So the goal is to go out tomorrow and pick up a bunch more applications and go from there.  At this point I feel like my college education has got me nowhere, but I know in the long run it'll make me proud. Wish me luck on the hunt, and good luck to all you others out there who are tracking that evasive job.

If I make it through the day without drinking a pop it will be eight days without one.  Eight days without a pop is huge for me considering how addicted I was to pop (4-5 or more a day.) Even more shocking, at least to myself is I've done this cold turkey.  Just decided I was going to cut it out of my diet one day after watching Dr. Oz and did it.  I'm now drinking more water and taking in less other sugary drinks.  I was going to way myself to see how much of a difference the no pop thing was going to make on my body but I keep forgetting to.  Now that I'm passed that first week my cravings for pop are almost cut in half, and my caffeine headaches are starting to fade. I'll keep you guys posted periodically on how I'm doing.

P.S. my poetry book is getting close to print.